William and Kate Middleton’s royal failure in India

New Delhi, April 14, 2016: The British press may be all over their Duke and Duchess of Cambridge but the fact is that the two have failed to create any favourable impression of UK in India. William was almost non-existent in the Indian media while his wife Kate Middleton came in news only when she had a Marilyn Monroe in India. Why was she wearing such a garment is a question that the British media should ask but they should first wonder as to what was William’s role in this tour?

Surely, Bollywood was in full force, but then there was hardly any attempt on the part of William to show his statesmanship. British press happy with the couple feeding elephants and visiting slum children need to seriously question the agenda behind the visit because blowing up tax-payers money when the economy is not all sunshine is nothing but sin.

Every foreigner likes to have a piece of poverty tourism in India as did William and Kate, so religiously they went to meet the slum children but let us not forget that India was milked dry and her children fates were sealed by none other than the country that William and Kate were representing. How intelligent was that?

Then is feeding the baby elephant and the cute rhinos but aren’t these two hunters? And does William’s wife not wear the £295 mittens which are lined up with possum fur? So why this show of loving animals? No one cares for these photos except of course the British press which perhaps still believes that the sun has never set for these royal birds, but alas, this is India, and forget these two, Indians really don’t even care for their own royals!

The only royals in India are the cricketers, politicians and of course our film stars who met these two and gave them a little bit of positive social media publicity in India.


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Hindi film stars such as Madhuri Dikshit Nene, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Indian star Shah Rukh Khan and cricketer Sachin Tendulkar- and so many others took out time to meet William and Kate.


However, the fact that William was overshadowed by Kate Middleton and got virtually no coverage at all is a little weird, but then even Kate got the limelight after her wardrobe blunder! So no judgements here!

And this is when the Prime Minister of UK, David Cameron, is a respectable figure in India and several British artists such as Adele, late Amy Winehouse and Alan Rickman, and so many others are widely loved! So why were they not able to build a relationship on these figures?

Surely, they have a huge team that could help them in this regard! This is extremely important because India is a roaring market and such visits do the same job as our movie industry and yoga does in the world and i.e. soft diplomacy to create an impression on the ‘PEOPLE.’ There are talks that David Cameron may soon come to India; we hope he can fulfil this goal for his country which William and Kate Middleton showed no interest in.