Raintree Hotel ‘saddened’ by Hindu fury over ‘decorative’ plates and beer glasses

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The Raintree Hotel in Chennai has come under fire for embossing their plates with Brahmin faces complete with vibhuti, shikha and everything one associates with a Hindu Brahmin.

A user SaiSrini shared the pictures of the plates with a Brahmin caricature embossed on them leading to Netizen fury with many saying that they won’t eat at the Raintree Hotel anymore.

Sensing the mood of the public The Raintree Hotel expressed its sadness over the issue and said:

We at The Raintree are saddened over the reactions to our decorative show plates. We have never served food on these. We respect our guests. These showpieces have been removed from all of our restaurants. We remain committed to the best hospitality.

Today, Indian National Congress spokesperson Americai V Narayanan also jumped into the controversy and shared a video along with his statement saying that he personally went to the Raintree Hotel today to protest against the plates and beer mat used.

He said that Suresh, the General Manager of the hotel said to him that he used it only as a display item.

Narayanan added that he warned them that INC will organize a major protest if they hurt the sentiments of Hindus Muslims or Christians.

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