Deputy Governor of Hindu-majority Bali scoffs at halal tourism

Hindu-majority Bali is unhappy with the Vice-presidential candidate Sandiaga Uno for his ideas on halal tourism.

Sandiaga is the running mate to presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto.

During a speech at Hotel Alkyfa in the capital city of Bali, Denpasar, this Sunday he put forward the idea of halal tourism for Bali.

Bali is Hindu-majority island of Indonesia but he believes that if the island agrees to his proposal then it can gain much from Muslim tourists.

As his idea spread like wildfire, Cok Ace, the Deputy Governor of Bali, came out and ridiculed Sandiaga’s idea.

Calling the idea of halal tourism to be against character and brand of Bali, he warned that this would lead to tourism decline.

The Deputy Governor also said that Halal tourism will work where there is Middle-Eastern culture and not in a place like Bali. He also said that tourists from India, Australia, America, Germany, China, Korea etc come to Bali to check out the unique culture of Bali. Halal tourism, is not for Bali, he hinted.

While Indonesia is Muslim-majority with some parts even having Shariah law, Bali is Hindu-majority island and people from other parts of Bali, like even from the Royal family, come here to embrace Hinduism.

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