Retail Chemist will not sell you Oxytocin

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The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has restricted the manufacture of Oxytocin formulations for domestic use to public sector only from 1st July 2018. It has also banned the import of Oxytocin and its formulations.

In a note the Ministry said:

From 1st July 2018, no private manufacturer will be allowed to manufacture the drug for domestic use. Only Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Ltd (KAPL), a public sector company, would be manufacturing this drug for domestic use from that date. The Oxytocin formulations meant for domestic consumption will be supplied by the manufacturer, i.e. KAPL, to the registered hospitals and clinics in public and private sector directly. Oxytocin in any form or name will not be allowed to be sold through retail Chemist.

All the registered hospitals and clinics in public and private sector in the country are advised to contact KAPL and place their orders with the company as the drug will not be available with retail chemists or any other manufacturer.

The contact details of KAPL are:


Centre has banned the manufacture and sale of oxytocin by the private sector and also its import with immediate effect in April this year. The move came after several reports about the misuse of the hormone in agriculture and the dairy industry. The side effects of this drug are early puberty and nausea.

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