An Arab-Muslim alternative to Facebook may come soon! (Video)

An Arab-Muslim alternative to Facebook could come around soon.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has reported that a Social media expert Ziad Alshobaki has recently proposed the establishment of a new social media network for Arabs and Muslims to compete with Facebook.

This statement was given after several reports suggested that s sort of understanding has been agreed upon by Israel and Facebook to remove inciting posts from the social media platform.

Alshobaki said that he thinks that in the long run, such a move on the part of the Arab countries would lead the Mark Zuckerberg-led social media giant to lose its Arab and Muslim users. The interview aired on the Sky News Arabia on September 14, 2016.


Facebook under the weather for long

In July of 2010 as well 2.5 million users had threatened to leave the social media site after some Islamic pages were banned.

At that time the agitating Muslims had threatened that disrespect to Islam and its symbols must be banned as well or else they would move to was a social networking site exclusively set up for the Muslim community.

Facebook had banned Islamic pages after they were being used for spamming the users which were against the terms and conditions.

Social media has become a battleground as different religious and ethnic groups claim to be getting hurt due to some reason or the other. But a Muslim alternative to the social media giant such as the Facebook would indeed be interesting to look up to.

Twitter and Snapchat are other social media networking sites but none are as big as the Facebook.

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