India Is A Perfect Country For Hyperloop Technology

Hyperloop in India

If the COO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Bibop Gresta is to be believed, then India is the perfect country for the revolutionary transportation concept Hyperloop. Bibop Gresta in an interview with The Huffington Post said that with a high population, the technology is a perfect fit for the country.

India is a very interesting country. It has a great railway network already. Hyperloop implementation would need a bit of modification but it is doable. And the technology is a perfect fit for the country as well. With a high population count, it makes more sense.

Optimum use of of Hyperloop would mean that a capsule would come to a station every 7 minutes. Each capsule has a capacity of 3,400 people. Imagine how many people a day can be transported every time.

The COO was in India for the i5 Summit held at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore on 20-21st August.

Hyperloop is an advanced transportation concept, in which customers will be traveling in a high-pressure tube at speeds comparable to airplanes, thus reducing the travel time considerably. Although the concept is still in trial stages, it is attracting a lot of interest from nations severely grappling with transportation problems. India is definitely one of them, and it can benefit immensely from the high-speed transportation system as the old infrastructure is barely able to handle the rising consumer traffic.

The COO also disclosed that he is in talks with the Indian government, investors and the regulators to launch this platform. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a very positive response to the idea, but added that a significant investment will be required in technology and education to improve the infrastructure. Though the technology is still years away from complete maturity, India can benefit from studying the technology and dedicating the resources early.