Afghan Saffron adjudged best in the world for the third time!

Afghan Saffron is winning over the market with its fragrance. For the third consecutive year, the Afghan Saffron has been adjudged to be the best in the entire world by International Taste and Quality Institute based in Brussels.

Iran is the top-most producer when it comes to saffron and has more than 94 percent of the world yield. Other producers of saffron are Spain, India, Greece, Azerbaijan, Morocco, and Italy. Saffron is one of the costliest ingredients in the world.

Can Afghan Saffron give a boost to the economy?

Saffron prices can vary from anywhere between Rs. 1.25 lakh to Rs. 3.6 lakh depending upon the prevailing market conditions. But considering the nation’s dependence on opium after most of its territory fell into the hands of Taliban, this news will help the farmers to not cultivate opium and instead choose saffron where they have the chance to earn more legitimately.

Indian companies also won accolades from the International Taste and Quality Institute for the taste and quality.

DCP India Ltd for ASBAH Platinum Basmati Rice, Pravin Masalewale for Suhana Butter Chicken Mix, Suhana Chicken Tikka Masala Mix and Suhana Cuppa Poha won the top rating from India from this institution.

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