Emma Watson wishes India a very happy Holi (video)

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Emma Watson or the Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger has wished India a very happy Holi this season!

In a video she especially shot, she says:

“Namaste India, wishing you a very Happy Holi! And don’t forget to see Beauty and the Beast, this March in cinemas near you.”

Emma Watson is wishing you a happy Holi:

The Beauty And The Beast also stars Luke Evans, Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. The movie will be in the cinemas this 17th March, 2017 and India is a huge market for Disney.

Holi is a color festival that signifies that truth prevails at all times and the festival is played in the memory of the upright Lord Vishnu Bhakt Prahlad. The festival is played not just in India, but also in Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Guyana, USA, Fiji and wherever Hindus live and is one of the most important Hindu festivals.

Emma Watson, however, is not the only one whose interest in India created headlines! There are others like Miley Cyrus as well!

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