Hazel Keech once starved herself, battled bulimia

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Hazel Keech married cricketer Yuvraj Singh and we all were awestruck at their beautiful wedding and many envied the two for their blissful love story.

But, like always, we forgot that behind every person there is a long struggle and the ongoing 10-year challenge was just one opportunity.

Bollywood actor Hazel Keech who turned Hazel Keech Singh after marrying the ace cricketer wrote about her struggle and wrote:

“22 years on the right VS almost 32 years on the left…. and how far I’ve come! I was battling depression, starving myself, had bulimia, dyed my hair dark and kept it long trying to fit in a please everyone around me but hiding all the pain with a smile and joke so no one knew. Today, I can confidently talk about what I’ve gone through, I don’t care what others think of me, I finally had the courage to cut my hair, I don’t try and fit in anymore and I am happier, healthier and more at peace with myself than I ever imagined I could be!”

Calling her fight and her subsequent success she termed it a personal celebration and thanked the person who started the 10-year challenge.

Tribute to Ashish Nehra by Yuvraj Singh