India again loses patience with Pakistan, tells it to not dictate Afghanistan

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It seems that the current government if Pakistan is egging on its neighbors without rhyme or reason.

On Thursday, Pakistan Foreign Office spokesperson Mohammad Faisal was telling media that India has no role to play in Afghanistan, while Islamabad played a key role in arranging direct talks between the Taliban and the US. He had said that this was done to find a peaceful solution to the Afghan issue.

To the statement that “India has no role in Afghanistan”, the Official Spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs said:

“It is not for Pakistan to decide as to what role another country has in regional or global affairs. Pakistan also cannot decide on behalf of an independent and sovereign country Afghanistan and dictate them as to how to conduct their foreign policy.’

India also slammed Pakistan for providing safe havens for terrorists who then come and launch attacks against the innocent people of Afghan. Pakistan’s dubious role in Afghanistan is not hidden due to it being on the forefront of Mujahideen militia that eventually led to the rise of Taliban.

The Official Spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs also said at the same when he added:

“Pakistan should first and foremost introspect its own role and responsibility in the precarious situation in Afghanistan; put an end to all kind of support to cross border terrorism from territories under Pakistan’s control, and join international efforts to bring inclusive peace to Afghanistan.”

Pakistan’s claims of allegedly bringing peace hold little water in the light of the report ‘Afghanistan: Background and U.S. Policy In Brief’ done by the Congressional Research Service (CRS). The report states clearly that  ‘Pakistan may view a weak and destabilized Afghanistan as preferable to a strong, unified Afghan state (particularly one led by a Pashtun-dominated government in Kabul; Pakistan has a large Pashtun minority). ‘

The report also states the Afghan refugee population in Pakistan is also a major factor which complicates their relationship. The report says:

Afghanistan-Pakistan relations are further complicated by the large Afghan refugee population in Pakistan and a long-standing border dispute over which violence has broken out on several occasions.

At one time the reason of violence between the Afghans and the Pakistanis was none other than the slogan chanting by Pakistanis against Indian PM Narendra Modi after which the Afghans went on the offensive against Pakistan.

But despite all this, Pakistan continues to see Afghanistan as potentially providing strategic depth against India, tells the CRS report.

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