Rangoli mocks Deepika Padukone for calling her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor’s boxers ‘cutest’

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Kangala Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel today mocked Deepika Padukone for her comment on her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor’s boxers.

Boxers are a form of undergarment or underwear for men and boys.

Rangoli was commenting on an old report that noted that when the two actors and ex-lovers were asked as to who of them prefers what between briefs and boxers, Padukone picked “Boxers” and Ranbir Kapoor picked “Briefs.”

But not stopping there, the actress pointing to Ranbir said that ‘he has the cutest boxers by the way.’

At the time of making this comment, Deepika Padukone was in a relationship with rising star Ranveer Singh.

Reacting hilariously to Padukone’s comments Rangoli Chandel said that a ‘woman in a steady relationship with another man goes on record and says that I still love my ex-boyfriend’s boxers, for Bollywood this is class, matlab English mein kachche ko boxer bolo toh classy hai. Aur Kangana makes highly acclaimed film on Mental illness magar usse bhi problem hai… wah!! Achcha hai tum logon jaise classy nahin hai, Kangana still feels we must normalise word Mental.

Sorry Kangana ko depression ka natak nahin aaya, heroes ke kachche media ke samne nahin sukhaye, instead, she played a mental illness patient to perfection made a film on illness and prejudice around it. Kitni naadaan hai, image nahin bana payi public aur media ko ungaliyon pe nahin ghuma payi, bas honestly apne kaam mein lagi hai, us se jayada stupid koi hai? Khelne wale toh khel rahe hain.’

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