Sri Reddy is as great as King Ashoka

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Sri Reddy, who was recently asked to vacate house after her stripping act in public, has found a major supporter in director Ram Gopal Varma.

The director had praised the starlet after her strip saying that Sri Reddy has become a national celebrity and that people in Mumbai, who don’t even know Pawan Kalyan are talking about her.

And today he has equated the starlet with King Ashoka, the king who killed many people and later helped in spreading Buddhism across Asia.
Ram Gopal Varma is turning into Taslima Nasreen? Check the tweets!

Varma said:

Ashoka the king, killed many people and then he had a change of heart and became a saviour of lakhs of people and that is why I think Sri Reddy is as Great as Ashoka the Great.

Here is the tweet in her praise:

He also said that:

Men are now too scared to face the honesty of Sri Reddy and all the women who are speaking against her are just jealous of her. Real truthful and sincere women will only follow Sri Stree Shakti

Sri Reddy has been fighting against casting couch and sexual harassment in the film industry.

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Meanwhile, superstar Pawan Kalyan has advised the actor to go the courts for justice and not to TV studios.

The Deccan CChroniclereported that Pawan Kalyan also said that there was no forgiveness for perpetrators committing crimes against women across the country and said that there was a need for strong laws to protect women from such things. He said that Sri Reddy should stop criticising the Telugu film industry on television as this would be of no use to her.