This is how India plans to celebrate the birthday of Hakim Ajmal Khan

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11th February is the birthday of the Unani medicine icon Hakim Ajmal Khan. It was on the birthday of Hakim Ajmal Khan that India now celebrates the Unani Day.

Modi Government in 2016 recognized Hakim Ajmal Khan for his contribution and continue to celebrate it.

On the birthday of Hakim Ajmal Khan, the Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCRUM), will be launching tomorrow a 50-day countdown for Unani Day 2019. During the next 50 days, the CCRUM and its regional institutes / centres would organize a host of activities and events as a run up to Unani Day.

The countdown activities would include marathons, writathon, quiz competitions, public health talks, daily health tips for the general public, workshops, etc. The 23 institutes / centers of the CCRUM would start their functioning with a five-minute public talk on the role of Unani Medicine in the management of different diseases.

Unani Medicine has been playing an important role in public health especially in combating NCDs, lifestyle disorders and various chronic diseases by providing cost effective Unani treatment and quality products for patient healthcare.

The National Conference will have dedicated sessions on lifestyle disorders and their management, Regimen therapy, mother and child care, geriatric care, integration and mainstreaming of Unani Medicine in public health and globalization of Unani Medicine.

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