Success story of a blind Glaucoma survivor

New Delhi, December 20, 2022: Sonkia family was very happy when he was born 25 years ago. But this happiness was only for one day when they found on the other day that the Sonkia has a disease of glaucoma and he cannot see.

Sonkia treated continuously for glaucoma during which he had eight operations. But at the age of 8  the eye sight was completely illuminated due to increasing pressure on the eyes.

When the doctors first told him in 2004 that he would never see. his father admitted him to blind school then only he thought that he have to grow up and become a software engineer. Interested in technology since childhood. He has the ability to change and influence the lives of millions of people around the world. Yash just completed his engineering from Shri Govind Ram Seksaria Institute of technology and science and aced his examination with some of the tops scores.

Crimson feather meaning: You are where you should be!