Tamil Nadu: Communal tension after the man who stopped Muslim missionaries killed

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A vocal Hindu office bearer named Ramalingam belonging to the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) has been tortured to death on Tuesday night near Thirubuvanam, Tamil Nadu. The men who tortured and killed him remain unidentified.

Ramalingam, aged 42, was on his way back to his home when the perpetrators followed him and chopped his hands allegedly with billhooks. Howling in pain and drenched in blood some passerby took him to a private hospital that referred the bleeding man to a government hospital. But Ramalingam breathed his last in all this milieu.

Hand chopping:

Ramalingam had an altercation with the neighbouring Muslim group who was preaching about the greatness of Islam on Tuesday in a Dalit Hindu vicinity to which he raised an objection.

Muslims, however, took it offensively when Ramalingam asked, after wearing their skull cap and applying Tilak on the heads of the Muslim missionaries, that when “we (Hindus) readily accept offerings made to your God why don’t you reciprocate and accept food offered to the Hindu God?

In a statement to The News Minute, a police officer claimed that this issue was “already sorted out by the Muslim clerics in the afternoon but he also added that ‘It seems that the men still harboured ill-feelings towards Ramalingam.”

Dr S Ramadoss, founder PMK, and opposition party BJP have condemned the brutal killing of Ramalingam.

#JusticeForRamalingam has become a major trend on Twitter. Some reactions:

Meanwhile, fearing a backlash against the minority, 250 policemen have been posted in Kumbakonam while Ramalingam’s body has been handed over to his family.

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