India lends medical help for the Afghan National Army soldiers

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Afghan National Army (ANA) is fighting a heroic battle against terrorists. While it is trying to neutralize the terrorists, it too is suffering casualties.

To alleviate the challenges and sufferings of some of the critically injured Afghan National Army soldiers, Vinay Kumar, Ambassador of India presented 100 motorized wheelchairs to the ANA yesterday.

India has stressed on remaining committed to extending medical relief and assistance to the ANA personnel.

Till date, the Indian Army has also trained 4880 ANA personnel in various professional, educational and military training programs, including training ANA doctors and medical technicians.

A Ministry of Defence representative says that India remains committed to further strengthen the strategic relationship between the Indian Army and the ANA.

Don’t interfere in Afghanistan, India chides Pakistan

India considers Afghanistan a friend and ally with most Indian citizens having a sympathetic attitude towards Afghans due to the terrorist onslaught from Pakistan backed terrorists that ripped the country apart.