Chinese Foreign Minister to visit India, get ready for diplomatic somersaults!

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New Delhi, August 6, 2016: India is all set to host Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi who is to come to India on a three-day tour from August 12.

The Chinese Foreign Minister comes amidst the international criticism of China in the wake of the ruling on the South China Sea and its aggression against Vietnam, Japan, and the Philippines.

CHexit, is what the nations who claim South China Sea portions want from the country but China is unlikely to oblige. India’s entry into the NSG and China’s backing and its coordination with Pakistan in saving international terrorist Azhar Masood are the thorns that the Indian side is not going to let go off. Add to it are the transgressions by the Chinese soldiers in the Indian territories and it shows that China, just like it disrespects any other nation also does the same with India and cares very little for the bloodshed that terrorists like Azhar Masood plot against the Indians.The Chinese Foreign Minister is unlikely to have any solutions to these problems that India faces!

Very surprising that the same nation was going bonkers when India gave Visa to peaceful Uighur activists!

The reason for the Chinese Foreign Minister visit is to stop Narendra Modi from joining hands with Obama in the G20 meeting due in September this year. But the discussions may include Chinese chances of getting contracts of the bullet train projects.

It is yet to be seen how India handles this, but leaving behind friends such as the USA, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines is no option. At best India can reiterate its policy of freedom of navigation and bid the Chinese Minister goodbye but no assurances should be given, till China mends its ways and India gets both the NSG and the dreaded terrorist and the South China Sea gets the much deserved peace!