Economically weak among the Upper Caste may get 10% reservation

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Modi government has reportedly approved a 10% job reservation in jobs and educational institutions for the economically backward among the Upper Castes or the General category.

This section has been demanding the quota benefits for some time. Those among the General category whose income is below 8 lakhs a year will be able to avail reservation benefit.

However, with this reservation, the existing 50% reservation ceiling will get broken, therefore, Articles 15 and 16 of the Indian Constitution will be amended.

This is the second time Modi government has played on the front foot. Earlier, its decision of making OBC population count to be part of Census 2021, 3 decades after the Mandal Commission, was widely seen as a strong move.

The previous caste-based census was conducted 87 years ago, in 1931, by the British.

Hindu consolidation defeats caste politics in Uttar Pradesh

At present, the Central Government provides 27% quota to Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in the posts of Central Government services and admission in Central Educational Institutions subject to exclusion of socially advanced persons/sections.

BJP traditionally enjoys strong support among the upper castes. But with OBC and General category, both, it may have finally sealed the deal for 2019 elections already.