Fire breaks out in East Delhi, fire brigade on spot, fire, factory, East Delhi, Patparganj, Commonwealth Games, Joshi colony

A huge fire broke out in the East Delhi, Joshi Colony, Patparganj in a painting factory. The area in question falls in the IP Extension and is near to the Commonwealth Games Village (2010).

The factory in question belongs to a businessman who specializes in advertising solutions and the business involves painting boards and hoardings of every size and proportion.

His factory is in te narrow lanes and people in the adjoining buildings are also throwing water to help contain the fire.

Three fire brigade have arrived on the spot and policemen are also on the spot to contain the damage.

Pictures from the site:, fire, factory, East Delhi, Patparganj, Commonwealth Games, Joshi colony
Pic credit: Workers help in extinguishing fire.


Pic credit: The fire in the East Delhi factory engulfed the blue sky.


Pic credit: This picture has been taken from a smartphone and shows different boards and hoardings lying around.


Pic credit: is not clear how the fire broke out. But due to narrow lanes, the people were worried for the safety as the fire became difficult to control. It is not clear as to when the fire broke out but it became noticeable around 3pm.

No one has been harmed due to fire as per the current information and the operations are still on.

To check more pictures of the East Delhi fire, you can click below:

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