Gharwapsi: 22 Muslims return to Hinduism in Uttar Pradesh

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More than 3 dozen Muslims embraced Hinduism in Uttar Pradesh’s Faizabad. The group is from the Ambedkar Nagar district and included women and children as well, reported the ANI.

The group decided to come back to the Hindu fold after finding out that their ancestors were Hindus. ANI reports that they found out that about 20 to 25 years ago their elders had adopted Islam for some reason.

ANI reported that after performing all the required rituals, these people have been given the initiation of Hinduism and that the program was done in a secretive manner at an Aryasamaj Temple.

The report states that Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS) Kailash Chandra Srivastava performed the process of conversion.

“All those, who were converted to Hindu religion, left Islam without being lured,” Srivastava said.

This move is significant due to violent clashes between Bheem Army and Thakur group in Uttar Pradesh following which some Dalits reportedly renounced Hinduism.

180Dalit  families allegedly gathered at the Saharanpur district villages on a canal on Friday, reported The Hindu, and immersed idols of Hindu gods and goddesses in the water saying they “would much rather renounce a faith that doesn’t give them the status of being a Hindu and allows the upper caste to treat them like slaves”.

The families who renounced Hinduism are from Rupdi, Kapurpur, Ighri and Unali villages near Shabbirpur in Saharanpur says the report by The Hindu. The report further states that the Dalit Hindus took the steps to denounce the atrocities against the Dalits by the Thakurs, and the “subsequent one-sided police action against the Bheem Army”. Saharanpur district had witnessed clashes between Thakurs and Dalits earlier this month.

However, Saharanpur SSP S.C. Dubey has been quoted by The Hindu as rejecting the Hinduism renouncement move as a mere “pressure tactic” to avoid police action.”

The report states that the police have booked several volunteers of the Bheem Army on charges of posting “objectionable content and spreading rumors” on WhatsApp and Facebook groups on May 9, which allegedly led to a violent protest by the Dalits.

Dubey categorically said, “I’m not aware of these conversions,” he told journalists.

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The move is significant as the caste violence has engulfed Saharanpur where some hours ago 180 Hindu Dalit families renounced Hinduism, reported The Hindu.

Pic credit: ANI News