Presence of Hinduism is evident even in Ukraine, Kantan and Egypt

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Recently a lecture series was organized in the memory of Late Kaku Ranade by Devi Ahilyabai Smarak Samiti. On the second day of the lecture, the limelight was on Hinduism and about the Indian culture. The report was also published in the Times of India.

One of the prominent speakers here was the Director of Disha Consultants Prashant Pol who spoke on the topic ‘Treasure of Indian knowledge’.

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Pol, drawing on his knowledge, said that since many people from India migrated to different parts of the world in ancient times, they also carried with them the ethos and culture which is evident even today.

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He stressed that the presence of Hinduism is evident in Ukraine, Kantan, and Egypt etc.

Pol also lauded the ancient Indian engineering which prospered and reached new heights under the great Chola King Karikala who built ‘masterpieces’ like Kallanai Dam long back.

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He said that the Indians were skilled in even fields like metallurgy and constructions.

Pol also lamented that the several ancient books, texts, and scriptures were destroyed in invasions.

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He highlighted that on the command of Bakhtiyar Khilji, it took three months to burn around 9 million books stored in the Nalanda University Library during 1193AD.

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