Pakistani Hindus: We were forced to convert to Islam

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Pakistani Hindus are taking a sigh of relief after migrating to India. Several of these Hindus are based in Rajasthan and are narrating their woes of forceful conversion to Islam that they faced in Pakistan.

Several members of the refugee Hindu community who have been living in Rajasthan for more than half-a-decade spoke to the Asian News International (ANI) and requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to help in providing water, electricity, housing and ID proof. They also requested PM Narendra Modi to grant them with Indian citizenship so that they can begin their normal lives.

Moolchand and Bhagwanti, Pak Hindu migrants told ANI that in Pakistan, Muslim people used to force Hindus to convert to Islam. They told ANI that as Hindus they were scared to go out alone.

They told ANI that they are happy in India but have no ID proof. We need water, electricity and Pucca house as their kutcha houses get damaged in rain and thunderstorm.

Has Narendra Modi already tilted the upcoming General Election in his favour?

To help refugee Pakistani, Afghanistani, and also Bangladeshi Hindus, Narendra Modi government devised the Citizenship Bill but due to elections and protests from opposition parties led by Congress, the Bill could not become functional. However, it is expected that if the BJP wins this election, then this bill will become a reality.

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