PM Modi speaks to US President Trump

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump of the United States exchanged New Year greetings in a telephonic conversation last evening.

They expressed satisfaction at the progress in India-U.S. strategic partnership in 2018. They appreciated developments such as the launch of the new 2+2 Dialogue mechanism and the first-ever Trilateral Summit of India, the U.S. and Japan.

The two leaders took positive note of growing bilateral cooperation in defence, counter-terrorism and energy and coordination on regional and global issues. They agreed to continue to work together for further strengthening India-U.S. bilateral relations in 2019.

PM Modi had also spoken to Russian strongman Putin where two decided that they will continue their close consultations in the United Nations, the BRICS, the SCO and other multilateral organizations. They also said bilateral cooperation in the key areas including defence and counter-terrorism was also discussed.

Both leaders agreed that India-Russia cooperation plays an important role in the global multilateral order.

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Tump had recently claimed that he shares a good bonding with Indian PM Modi but ended up insulting Indian peace efforts in Afghanistan and also mocked Afghans in the process.