Sushma Swaraj helps a honeymooner missing his wife, but not all is well

Sushma Swaraj, Hamid Ansari, Pakistan, honeymooner

Sushma Swaraj helps a honeymooner missing his wife, but not all are happy

A man named Faizan Patel tweeted to Sushma Swaraj to help him get his wife on board for his honeymoon as his wife had, as he himself announced on Twitter on August 4, had misplaced her passport.

Faizan said that just two days before the trip the wife had misplaced her passport. And who to dial in situations like this? Sushma Swaraj!

So he tweeted to Sushma Swaraj saying how he was traveling on his honeymoon without his wife.

True to form Sushma replied that he should ask his wife to contact her and that “I will ensure that she is with you on the next seat.”

While this problem has been resolved, some Twitter users pointed to some past tweets of the guy that belittle Sushma Swaraj and started questioning him about this. The man in question had even wished that drones attack Modi and Advani in one of his tweets! That the tweets are authentic can be understood from the response that Faizan himself gave:

Probably, Faizan Patel had not thought much before tweeting these things but when it comes to seeking help people do indeed run to the government, even when they dislike it.

Meanwhile, Sushma Swaraj is busy with the case  of Hamid Ansari who is being tortured in Pakistan and she has asked the Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan to seek Consular access to Hamid Ansari in hospital/Jail and report.

Earlier she had assured that help reached to all the Indians who were going without food in Saudi Arabia.