Mian Mitho, Sufi Pir behind forced conversions, behind murder of Hindu boy?

Pir Abdul Haq aka Mian Mitho has been accused by the Hindu community of Pakistan of leading forced conversions campaigns that target underage non-Muslim girls and boys.

These girls and boys go missing and are never found again as the judiciary and police turn a blind eye to the complaining parents. Now, Mian Mitho has been, for a while, targeting young Hindu and Christian boys as well. The boys are abducted and never return to their parents. No one knows what happens to these children, but many point to the children being married away or simply given to older men who later give them up to human traffickers.

The business is lucrative and helps fuel more conversion against the minorities. Mian Mitho also shares strong links with the Pakistani Army, PTI’s chief Imran Khan. and is considered close to the ruling party of Sindh, PPP, which allows him a free reign of terror as it earns them votes of a highly radicalized community. Read the story of Rinkle Kumari here to understand it even better.

In the Daherki incident, where first the Hindu community was attacked at the behest of Bharchundi Pirs on the false allegation of doing desecration of Quran (the man turned out to be a Muslim) and then two Hindu boys were shot at. One of them, Sateesh Kumar died, while another one is still recovering from the shot wound. Hindu girl Madhu who was carried away by rioters has not even been returned and no one knows what happened to her. Now, there are reports that say that the Sufi Pir Mian Mitho is threatening the Hindu community again. He is telling them to organize a press conference in his favour stating that he is a ‘strong protector’ of Hindus, their properties and their children and that he has no role to play in the murder of the Hindu boy Sateesh Kumar.

The Hindu community says that the murderer of Sateesh Kumar is Nisar Kalwar, who is the nephew of right-hand man of Mian Mitho, Hasam Kalwar. He is the man who does all the work for the Sufi Pir Mian Mitho.

Due to lack of justice and silence of Pakistani media in taking on the coverage of the crimes of powerful Mian Mitho, now a global protest c=has been announced on August 11, 2016 against this Sufi Pir.

The message reads:

To mark this Day and to make our beloved Quaid’s dream come true,we are launching a global protest against Mian Mithoo, the Peer who is involved in forcible conversion of young Hindu girls to Islam, kidnapping for ransom, and disrupting religious and social harmony. Pakistani Hindus have to leave their motherland just because they and daughters are not safe due to these thugs. Person like him is brings bad name to the country.

Come and Join this cause.

Let’s rebuild ‪#‎JinnahsPakistan‬ ‪#‎PeacefulPakistan‬ ‪#‎PakistanForAll‬