Sushma again gives hope to a young Pakistani Hindu but more demands crop up

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Sushma Swaraj is a rockstar! Yes, that’s the way people of both India and Pakistan see her. From helping babies to providing solace to adults of both India and Pakistan, the Hindu nationalist leader is a ray of hope for many.

Chandra Sodha, a Pakistani Hindu, contacted Sushma Swaraj on Twitter and explained that she is a Pakistani national and living here on LTV basis for the last six years and that she needed a student visa to study in Delhi University. Sushma Swaraj directed her officers and Chandra mailed all her details and documents to Addl.Private Secretary to Minister of External Affairs, Govt of India, Vijay Dwivedi following which she now got admission in the prestigious Delhi University. Delhi University gave her an extension till 15 September to arrange student visa otherwise the admission would have gotten canceled. In this Sushma was her best and only hope and she delivered quickly.

Effusive in her praise Chandra called Swaraj a leader of the world.

There are said to be around 5 lakh Pakistani Hindus in India who have been coming since 1965. In Rajasthan, Delhi, and Chattisgarh, they are settling down in big numbers. Pakistani Hindus have been facing forced conversion to Islam in Pakistan which has prompted them to leave Pakistan and take refuge in India.

Another young Pakistani Hindu man has also requested Sushma Swaraj to help him. Harendra Kumar has been asking Sushma Swaraj that since she is helping Muslims of Pakistan, why cannot she help Hindus of Pakistan?

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Harendra Kumar, the Pakistani Hindu in question, is requesting a SAARC quota for studying in India for Pakistani Hindu students. He also wrote that he only wants to study in India as India offers world-class education system. However, he may not be right with regards to Sushma Swaraj not helping Pakistani Hindus as she has helped many in the past:

Pakistani Hindu girl gets an angel in Sushma Swaraj!

We can only hope that he gets help.