Zakir Naik is hiding in this country?

Zakir Naik, the radical Islamic Indian preacher has been giving headaches to India and other countries for long but it seems that the preacher is in Malaysia, India’s friendly nation!

Malaysian Indian group Hindu Rights Action Force or Hindraf has demanded from the Malaysian home minister to come clean and tell the nation if Zakir Naik is in Malaysia.


Hindraf has said that it is is shocked to know that Zakir Naik, a fugitive and wanted for terrorist links investigations in India is roaming free in Malaysia and is even accorded the privilege to conduct Friday sermon in a Masjid in Arau hosted by the Perlis Islamic Religious Affairs Department, the Perlis Islamic Affairs and Malay Customs Council, and the office of the Perlis mufti.
It further said that the last month Hindraf questioned the Home Minister who is also the Deputy Prime Minister Dato Seri Zahid Hamidi and demanded that he should confirm whether it is true that Zakir Naik has been granted a permanent resident status in Malaysia but, teh Malaysian Indian group noted, that till this date the Malaysian home minister Zahid has not confirmed nor denied the status of Zakir Naik.

Hindraf noted that:

Zakir Naik openly promoted terrorism and denigrated and ridiculed members of other faiths, which in itself is a threat to national security and also to the harmony and peaceful co-existence to the people in Malaysia. Till today Zakir Naik has not condemned any form of aggression and terrorism by Islamic fundamentalist, however to the contrary there are clear evidences that he has promoted religious hatred and terrorism in his preachings.

In a press statement it further said that last month, Dr Zakir visited a private Islamic-centric university in Shah Alam, Selangor, which is also under investigation for radical teachings after two students were arrested on suspicion of being Islamic State recruits planning a terror attack locally.

Hindraf also said that:

The Indian Government has confirmed statements of some terrorists arrested in terrorist attack incidents or arrested ISIS sympathisers revealed that they were inspired by the fundamentalist statements of Dr Zakir Naik, clearly indicating the subversive nature of his preaching and speeches.

zakir Naik, Malaysia, India, HINDRAF, IRF
Hindraf has brought to light the possible presence of Zakir Naik in Malaysia. Will Malaysia come clean?

It also said that India’s authorities are also mulling terror charges against Dr Zakir, reportedly based on testimonies of about 50 terror suspects and convicts recorded from various jails, with those arrested citing Zakir as their motivation and source of inspiration. Further Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) is banned and he is a wanted fugitive in India.
Hindraf said that it is shocked as to the real motive of the Malaysian Government in harbouring him and encouraging his speeches in Malaysia. Hindraf has called on the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Zahid Hamidi to do the following:

1) Come clean and provide transparent answers as to whether Zakir has been granted a permanent resident status in Malaysia;
2) Explain the logic behind harbouring Zakir and allowing him to deliver lectures and sermons in Malaysia;
3) Confirm if the Government is committed to curb fundamentalism and extreme teachings especially when it is a known fact that Malaysians are already engaging in terrorism activities abroad.
4) Confirm If the Government has taken into account National Security interests in allowing Zakir to roam free in Malaysia.

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