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Hinduphobia: Hindus face racist outbursts for celebrating Diwali in South Africa

From being called the ‘community of the worst thoughtless people’ and wishing them a ‘horrible death’ the Diwali celebrating Hindus in South Africa saw it all. Again. Several racial and Hinduphobic slurs against the Hindus surfaced on social media in South Africa with many calling Hindus ‘cooly vaalie’ refering to their humble beginnings in the […]

Indian woman faces racism in Georgia, post goes viral

Following is the blog post of an Indian woman traveler and what she faced in Georgia upon her arrival. We have not edited or deleted anything from the original post: Dear Mr. Archil Dzuliashvili (Georgian Ambassador to India), I am a citizen of India, a single woman who earns her honest living working for an advertising agency. […]