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Bangladesh Hindu today proudly says that ‘I am a Hindu’ and is unafraid

Mr. Ripon Dey is a young activist serving as the International Affairs Secretary of Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mohajote (National Hindu Grand Alliance) and is the former founder president of Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Yuvo Mohjaote (Youth Front of Hindu Mohajote). Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Moajote is a nonpolitical organization which is working for almost a decade for […]

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Bangladesh Minister abuses Hindus for protesting against Islamist attacks (Video)

Bangladesh Minister Mohammad Sayedul Haque (Minister for Fisheries and Livestock) described Hindus as Maluyaner Bachyara (children of Kafirs)  in one of his recent communal speeches aggrieving the desperate Hindu community further. In his hate speech, Bangladesh Minister Mohammad Sayedul Haque showed contempt for Bangladesh Hindus worried about their safety and also lampooned media for giving […]