Beryl The Brahman is the world’s most famous calf!

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Beryl The Brahman is a calf who has thousands of people following her latest antics thanks to a dedicated Facebook page.

This poddy female calf lives with her family in Georgetown, Queensland, Australia and her page has more than 18000 likes!

Beryl The Brahman is a rescued calf who was struggling to live with her mother and was then rescued by a woman named Sally Webster.

Today Beryl The Brahman is living life freely as a companion of Jake and Sally Webster and the little calf has since grown a lot. But what has not changed is her need to be around Sally and family! She loves staying close to them and when we say close, we mean this close:


When she wants to get inside the house, nothing can stop her.

Beryl also has her own space where she can do her business and whenever she needs a cuddle or a something she can go to her human parents easily:

Beryl The Brahman gets annoying humans too

It is clear that Beryl The Brahman is living a safe or should we say a charmed life. Yet many come to her page to ask if Sally or others would end up eating her.

The questions became so much nasty that a post slamming the questions was posted to set the record straight once for all!

The questions have stopped but the curiosity around this calf won’t fizz out as the likes increase despite the infrequent posts.

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