Buddhists and ‘Butparasts’ must be killed by Daesh says Pakistani anchor

How easy it is for a modern Pakistani to blame India and ask a terrorist group like Daesh (Islamic State) to attack ‘Butparasts,’ a derogatory word which in English means Idolaters or people who worship idols?

Very easy!

Waqar Zaka, a modern Pakistani celebrity shot a video to spread hate against Buddhists by blaming India for everything wrong in Pakistan. This video came out after the Sehwan Shrine blast which killed  many Sufis and for which Islamic State took responsibility. But this Pakistani anchor does not believe that a Muslim would attack another Muslim and hence the blame fell down on Buddhists and other ‘Butparasts’.

Buddhists and Butparasts on target of this ‘educated’ Pakistani celebrity! Modern education does not change mindset?

In the video, he said that India is interested in destabilizing Pakistan and also added that Daesh should kill Butparasts like Buddhists (you can hear this at 1.30-1.34) in India first, and then wondered why it would target Pakistan since the latter was an Islamic country. He then stressed that he wondered why would a Muslim group target a Muslim nation such as Pakistan. Interestingly, Pakistan shares cordial relations with Sri Lanka, a vehemently Buddhist nation and Aung Su Kyi, a prominent leader of Myanmar, a Buddhist nation, was awarded the ‘Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Award for Democracy.The then Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, flew to Myanmar to confer the award to the Buddhist leader!

But it seems, these details remain unknown to Waqar Zaka! However, it is also true that Buddhists are seen with a lot of hate as Pakistanis blame them for atrocities on Rohingyas.

The Pakistani celebrity also wondered why Indian movies and songs are shown in Pakistan and also fanatically added that since Muslims ruled over India for a thousand year hence, India is targeting Pakistan to extract revenge ( hear this at 5.32). His Facebook page has more than 9 lakh likes and is frequented by Indians as well.

He also called for boycott of Indian products and asked as to when was the last time there was a blast in India and told Daesh to first attack Butparasts in India and start their movement from India.

The Pakistani celebrity told Daesh to attack India so that non-Muslims get scared and accept Islam. He further added that this is how Muhammad Bin Qasim and Ghaznavi had spread Islam.

He also blamed Afghans for doing terrorism and said that someone must have paid the poor Afghans to do these attacks and blamed India for all problems in Pakistan.

Currently he is travelling to USA and is worried about how Muslims fare under Donald Trump.

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