Religious persecution in the times of Coronavirus: Pakistani Hindus and Christians denied food

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In the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, Pakistani Hindus and Christians are tackling religious discrimination.

The Pakistan Minorities Teacher’s Association (PMTA) shot a letter to the PM of Pakistan Imran Khan asking him to provide food urgently to Pakistani Christians as they are being denied food by welfare group Saylani Welfare Trust Korange (W/22 Stop Karachi).

The Trust was distributing food but refused to give to the Pakistani Christians after comig to know their faith.

Same discrimination has been reported by a local Hindu who spoke to me on the condition of anonymity. He said that the food was denied to non-Muslims.

Since a vast majority of Pakistani Hindus and Christians are poor hence, they are dependent on the NGOs and Welfare groups at the time of Coronavirus pandemic.

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There are close to 1400 Coronavirus cases in Pakistan and the cases continue to rise.

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Namta Gupta