Fiji: Repeated Temple desecration angers Hindus, police take emergency measures

Fiji police led by Commissioner of Police, Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho, have taken a strong notice of the Hindu Temple desecrations in the Suva/Nausori corridor which have stunned adherents of Hinduism in Fiji.

On January 22, an emergency meeting was called where Qiliho called for attackers to be brought to justice.

Fiji Sun had earlier reported the desecration and break-in at a Vishnu Bhavan Temple in Sasawir. Another Hindu Temple, the Gopal Sadhu Hanuman Gadi Mandir in Nakasi was also attacked in January.

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Rewa Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Sabha president Vijendra Prakash had earlier told Fiji Sun that some barriers have been erected to protect ‘worshippers from stones that were regularly thrown inside.Worshippers have also been sworn at, while food kept aside for refreshment at prayer sessions have been stolen from inside the compound.’

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But the worse perhaps is what he stated later. Prakash said that due to rampant desecrations, there are lesser chances that a formal complaint will be made to the police. In short, he is afraid, that such desecrations are becoming ‘normal’ as Fiji enters the election season.

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Note: The picture used is from last desecration report.