Hindu girl gang-raped, threatened to withdraw case

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Dhaka, March 15, 2016: Bangladesh Minority Watch has revealed that a minority Hindu College girl was gang-raped by unidentified perpetrators at the Sathiya Upazilla of Pabna District gang-raped on last Sunday night.

The rapists were armed with a gun with them and threatened the victim post which they raped her one after another. After raping her they left her at a house nearby and fled.

After raping her they left her at a house nearby and fled from the scene of the crime.

Alarmed by the to girl’s cries for help, the local people soon arrived on the scene and helped her, after which a case was registered at Sathiya police station against the perpetrators responsible for the gang-rape. Police has not been able to arrest any perpetrator till the writing of this report.

The attacks on the vulnerable Hindu community have been on the rise in Bangladesh.

Due to some influential people involved in the case, there is a pressure on the family of the victim to withdraw their complaint.

Bangladesh Minority Watch has also revealed that their advocate spoke with Md. Nasiruddin- Officer in Charge of Sathiya P.S. who acknowledging the incident said that: “I am trying to arrest the culprits.”

The minority watchdog has expressed its concern over the incident of gang rape with the Hindu College girl and has demanded an immediate arrest of perpetrators.

As the girl’s family is being pressurized to withdraw the complaint, therefore, BDMW has also demanded immediate protection to be given to the Hindu girl and her family members.

This is one of the many incidents that threaten to derail Bangladesh and due to the constant attacks on the minorities in the country.

Due to the rising violence against the minorities, a secular group of citizens moved the High Court writ, which argues that the recognition of Islam as the country’s official religion is against the secular nature of the state of Bangladesh.

The hearing is on March 27.

Pic credit: Kathmandupost.ekantipur.com