Hindu men arrested for commenting on Facebook post

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Two Hindu men were arrested for commenting on a Facebook post in Bangladesh.

The men in question belong to Bangladesh Ansar-VDP and their names are Kumar Mondal and Ramesh Roy.

They have been arrested on the charge of insulting Islam in their Facebook account.

It is being alleged that when both the victims were serving as Temporary Ansar-VDP at Mongla Port last year, they made a comment on a post made someone else.

Their comments were seen by their Muslim friends who became angry on their participation in a blasphemous post and started a campaign against them which even endangered their lives.

One of these Hindu men’s colleagues a Muslim woman named Arifa has lodged FIR at Mongla Police station at Bagerhat District.

The Hindu men are now in custody.

Advocate Rabindra Ghosh of Bangladesh minority Watch (BDMW) just contacted Md. Lutfur Rahman – Officer in Charge of the Mongla police station who said that he arrested the two Hindu men on the basis of case No.10 dated 26.01.2017 filed by Arifa Begum as Muslims were agitation against the two. Arifa was contacted by the advocate as well but her phone was found switched off.

Many Hindus have fallen victim to these blasphemy charges often levied to settle personal scores.

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