Hinduphobic graffiti angers Hindus in the USA

Diwali, holiday, USA

Hinduphobic graffiti at the wall of a CVS Pharmacy in Jackson Heights in the Queens, USA, continues to draw the Hindu attention.

The graffiti shows Om, a Hindu sacred symbol being cut by a line next to the word the USA. In hindsight, it suggests that the OM has no place in the USA. This Hinduphobic graffiti came to notice on August 25th as per the QueensEagle.Com.

But the New York Police Department is unable to remove the graffiti as it is located on private property.

Hinduphobia has been a major headache for the Hindus of the USA, who despite being one of the most educated communities, are constantly under pressure by supremacist groups operating in the United States.

Satanists live here, Jesus is the only Lord and countless other slogans have been used by lone wolves to target the Hindus.

As per the reports in 2015; 40 Hindu religious flags were burned outside a home in Queens (a New York City borough) on Thanksgiving Day; a Hindu temple was vandalized in Kitchener (Ontario) in November; sign of planned “Winston Salem Hindu Temple” in Clemmons (North Carolina) was hit with over 60 shotgun blasts.

Hindus in the USA are the most educated group: Report

Recently a Hindu priest was also viciously thrashed by a 52-year-old man while a 13-year Hindu girl had to battle for her life after the American Army Veteran named Isaiah Peoples crashed into her and others.

These Hinduphobic incidents are a tragic reminder of how Hindus still continue to be ‘othered’ in the larger scheme of things. Part of the problem is also the awareness when it comes to the Hindu community. A recent survey by the Pew Research noted that only 15% of the Americans could correctly identify the Vedas as Hindu texts.