Who are the Rohingyas and why are they unwanted in Myanmar?

Major General Gagandeep Bakshi,Muslim, Myanmar, Rohingyas, Rakhine, India

Major General Gagandeep Bakshi took out time to address the origin of the ‘Rohingyas.’ Rohingyas have made India their home, in recent times, citing persecution in Buddhist nation Myanmar.

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However, after the massacre of Hindus and subsequent findings of Hindu mass graves, the tide has turned with people in India wondering as to who these Rohingyas are. Major General Gagandeep Bakshi in a few lines tried to answer this:

“These Rohingyas were sent as part of V force sent in world war II to wage guerrilla warfare behind Japanese lines. They skirted clear of the Imperial Japanese army but launched attacks on Buddhist Pagodas, monasteries and villages. that is the root of the current tensions between the two communities.

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Later they wanted a merger with Pak and when Jinnah refused to accept this nuisance demanded a separate Muslim state in the Arakan. given shelter in India, they held massive protests in Mumbai and damaged the Amar Jawan Memorial and misbehaved with women cops. they attacked Pilgrims in Bodhgaya. and joined Let gangs in J&K. Gun runners, drug smugglers and a bloody terrorist nuisance, they have some cheek demanding asylum.Attended a very illuminating seminar on refugees in ICHR.”

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It is clear from this statement that the security analysts are seeing Rohingyas as a major challenge even as human rights activists fight it out for them. To read the original statement, click here.

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