Saree disrobing skit angers Hindus in Trinidad and Tobago

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The use of a yellow sari in a skit by People’s National Movement (PNM) supporters has been deemed offensive by the Hindus of Trinidad and Tobago.

Many Hindus see it as ‘religious hatred’ which was on full display when a woman wearing a yellow sari was disrobed by the “PNM gorillas” at the PNM’s Family day on Sunday in Chaguanas.

The scene similar to disrobing of Draupadi from Mahabharat was played with little regards to the religious and societal norms under the approving glances of the political party leaders amidst cheers showing contempt for the Hindu community, felt many people.

Disrobing of Draupadi is a painful episode and to see something similar done in front of a jeering crowd made many lose their cool. Some felt that the skit was not only disrespectful and distasteful but may also create racial problems.

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Former UNC Senator Devant Mahar condemned the saree skit performed at a PNM family day as a mockery of Hindu tradition. But the Communication Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Stuart Young, shot back saying that this is not the case that the party is not racist.

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Interestingly, earlier too, PNM’s former General secretary Ashton Ford had claimed that the PNM is not biased against the Hindus.

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But clearly, the Hindus are unhappy.

Here is the reaction:

Namta Gupta