Hindu migrants should not get citizenship says Gogoi

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Hindu migrant citizenship issue is again creating headlines after Krishak Mukti SangramSamiti (KMSS) president Akhil Gogoi on Monday said that this was a huge conspiracy.

Gogoi urged every stakeholder in Assam to join hands to protect the identity of the state.

He promised that in the next three months he will thwart any attempts to give citizenship to Hindu Bangladeshis.

Gogoi also said that he believed that the BJP is trying to amend the Assam Accord by amending the Citizenship Act which is aimed to provide citizenship to Bangladeshi and Pakistani Hindu migrants.

KMSS President was talking to reporters after getting out of the jail from the Golaghat prison. He was granted bail on December 16.

He was arrested on October 2nd, 2016 when he was doing a press conference for instigating people getting evicted near Kaziranga National Park which led to the death of two protestors.

Hindu migrants and BJP’s stance on it

Due to persecution in Pakistan and Bangladesh, many Hindus have come to India in recent times. BJP in 2014 General Elections has vowed to help the persecuted Hindu migrants however, it ha also said that it was unfair to expect to burden Assam.

In his Silchar rally in 2014, the then BJP PM candidate Modi had promised that as soon as the BJP comes to power at the Centre, detention camps housing Hindu migrants from Bangladesh will be done away with but he has also added that this did not at all mean that Assam has to bear all the burden and said that the Hindus will be settled across the nation with adequate facilities given to them to begin a constructive life.

Modi had also said then that there were two kinds of Bangladeshi people who were coming to Assam; those came as a part of a political conspiracy for vote bank politics and those who were persecuted in the neighboring country. He had added that those who come a part of vote bank politics will be pushed back while those who were persecuted will get help. From them on government has taken measures to help accommodate Hindu migrants without any hitches.

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