Kerala: Hindu girl says Muslim spouse blackmailed her into conversion, marriage, sexual slavery

Kerala High Court is due to hear a petition filed by a Hindu girl from Kerala in which she has stated that she is a victim of forceful conversion, fraudulent marriage and an attempt to make her a sexual slave. This is one of those rare cases where the girl has herself come forward on the issue of forceful conversion.

In the petition to the Kerala High Court, she has also said that she was taken to Saudi Arabia and that there were attempts to take her to Syria to the Islamic State territory. She has approached the court to nullify her marriage, and also to request an NIA investigation into these ‘anti-national activities’. The case is to be considered on November 13.

In a separate news by the NewsX, it has been reported that the Hindu girl has also alleged in her petition that a Muslim man named Muhammed Riyaz forced her into the marriage without her consent and subjected her to physical and mental assault.  She has claimed that he was able to pull off a forceful conversion as he blackmailed her with their private video.

News X has reported that the girl is a native of Kerala but was raised in Gujarat and she met this Riyaz while studying in Bengaluru.

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The girl has said in her petition to the Kerala High Court that the two got into a relationship and Riyaz shot an intimate video of themselves which he later used to threaten the woman into marriage.

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Riyaz’s mother has also harassed the woman even after the conversion and regularly forced her to go through religious classes and forced her to hear radical speeches of Islamic preacher Zakir Nayak.

Later, the woman was able to contact her parents and escaped. News X has reported that “her passport name was changed to Aisha and she was taken to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. After managing to contact her parents, the woman returned to Gujarat in October.”

News X has reported that this woman had earlier returned back to her parents’ home in Gujarat after marriage but Riyaz was able to get her back by filing a writ petition in the court. The woman claims she agreed only because she was blackmailed by Riyaz.

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Her lawyer has meanwhile claimed that the man Riyaz is also a member of the PFI.

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