Angel Number 776 meaning: You need guidance and it is available

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Angel Number 776 is the number of hope, tranquility, balance, love, and union.

Angel Number 776 is usually sent to Siddhas, or the masters of spiritual powers, who have absorbed the powers at an early age.

However, they may be lacking in balance (like in life, they may be great at spiritual and deeper philosophical topics, yet they may be neglecting the well-being of their bodies or their families). Spirituality has overtaken their life so much that they have started feeling out of place in this world.

They may be constantly questioning their life purpose, their acts, and maybe feeling alone or distant.

This is not bad when we are in vanaprastha/hermit mode but it is bad if you have dependents as this is cruel.

Many times we are told that abandoning a dependent be it man, woman, or child is sometimes a necessity for the ‘higher purpose’ of attaining spiritual growth. On the other hand, we are told that having too many wives or children are necessary to fulfill the purpose assigned to us by God. I dare say, that neither is correct for each of us comes with a set of soulmates who actually empower our spiritual journeys, teaching us lessons that would ‘actually’ help in our spiritual growth.

Your soul itself sought this experience at the time of entering this life-cycle and thus one must take all aspects into account before taking one definite step.

Taking permission before leaving a dependent is therefore crucial and each one must act freely and not under anyone’s pressure.

Angel Number 776 is therefore requesting the person to act responsibly and with a balanced perspective and that the balance has gone missing in the person.

Making the best possible arrangements for the dependents and for their own soul growth is, therefore, an important part of Angel Number 776.

Likely the Muladhara Chakra or the Root Chakra has gone unstable or weak and therefore one is feeling this lopsidedness.

Please note, that at all times, the soul desires balance and this helps it to imbibe greater spiritual power.

The Muladhara Chakra is the most important Chakra which provides strength to the body which also enables the latter to absorb higher powers.

When the Muladhara Chakra gets weak, a person will feel a lack of passion, drive, and would find himself/herself disoriented bordering on a meaningless existence. This, the Supreme Soul says, he/she needs to work upon.

If Angel Number 776 shows up, then seek guidance from the Supreme Soul and follow the instructions given to you in visions or dreams.

If still in confusion and looking for basic steps, then I advise:

Aura cleaning on daily basis for the next 7 days. Click here for the steps.

Chanting Hanuman Chalisa for the next 7 days. Those who do not know Hanuman Chalisa may merely chant Jai Hanumante or Jai Hanuman 108 times.

Bond with family and friends, and apologize for being absent.

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After this process, one would feel content, energized, and relaxed.  

Walking, hiking, and just cycling around is a great way to build a connection between mind, body, and soul.

Please note that Angel Number 776 will appear only to good and spiritual people who need a little help and guidance.

Abandonment will harm their own growth and soul purpose hence; they are sent Angel Number 776.

In the end, Angel Number 776 wants to tell you to nurture your soul with new lessons because your soul is beautiful!

By Namta Gupta