Angel Number 899: Sign of hope, tranquility, changes, and blessings

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Angel Number 899 is the number of hope, tranquility, changes, and also the blessings which are entering a person’s waking life.

It means that a person is fully prepared to harness and use God’s sublime powers in day to day life. These powers are making or creating wealth out of nothing so as to bring peace to the people who are in need of physical and emotional healing, and to bring changes into that person’s society.

Angel Number 899 is thus a spiritual sign that tells the person that he/she is prepared fully to take on a larger role. This person is wise beyond years and has the greatest of all powers i.e. hope.

This person won’t surrender and sees things from the bigger perspective. The heart of this person beats for sentient beings and flora.

The humanitarian streak in this person has been amplified by the Supreme Soul so that this person can bring hope to the next generation by inspiring them. But this person will not be a pauper, but rather he /she would create wealth and bring relief to the masses which would make him/her something like the rarest of the rare in this world since most of the rich folks today worry about their own happiness.  This person would understand and take joy in giving as much as in taking.

Mostly writers, spiritual workers, or Gurus are sent Angel Number 899, but not all of them would receive it either, since, even amongst them there are only a selected few who can see beyond their own interests.

Angel Number 899 ushers in wealth, money, prosperity, and also love for the society in the individual thus making him/her bigger than anyone else.

Only 1 or 2 people may have seen Angel Number 899 in dreams as it is unique at all levels. Many people, however, see Angel Number 899 pop up randomly.

My advice is to keep hope and love alive because everything that is happening around is for a reason. We all make mistakes but our mistakes hold no power and cannot undo our own emotions and Dharma.

A heart that truly knows to love won’t bend down to hurt others in a jiffy. All these qualities are tested in a person before this Angel Number’s energy finally ushers in.

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Thus celebrate the goodness in you and use your powers wisely. There is love, marriage proposal, wealth, healing energy, and even powers of the supreme soul readily available to you.

Trust, believe and claim it.

Affirm and write YES.

By Namta Gupta