Angel Number 99: Sign of a Humanitarian and a Superior Artist!

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Angel Number 99 is the sign of an artist who would soon walk among the masters making money, creating wealth,  and becoming one with the Supreme Soul or Brahm through positive deeds and dedication towards the vocation/craft.

Angel Number 99 is for those who are able to bring forth the good hidden behind routines, ethos, and selfishness.

These people are like the living and breathing magnifying glasses from who one cannot hide their goodness or value.

The people who see Angel Number 99 are those who strive to bring a silent revolution through their vocation because for them anarchy, hate, and pettiness are a huge turn-off.

They are like the coolers of the souls suffering from heartaches, they are the water for the burning forests, they are the poets, and also the Soulkeepers who know what this society needs but like I said, they work quietly and without trying too hard to be spotted.

Naturally, their worth is always high in the eyes of Brahm.

Let us say that Angel Number 99 is the sign of evolution from a ‘person’ to the Deva or Angel or Soulkeeper of the society in flesh.

Many will gravitate towards this person as do hungry towards loaves of bread.

Those seeing Angel Number 99 will always have a calming green aura making them the sentinels of the human soul.

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But why would anyone take such a role?

Because that’s what they were and have been in every birth.

Their soul searches for the truth and has found the truth in being the worker of the Supreme Soul.

The soul-bond this soul has developed with the Brahm is so intense that this person is working with the Supreme Soul inspired energy now to create a calm revolution.

Angel Number 99 is thus a very powerful, humanitarian, and high vibrational number unsuitable for nearly all of us because we have been tainted by the lower vibrational energies.

But that one person who sees this Angel Number, especially in dreams, is the champion of our society who we may not know but is working tirelessly to keep us away from anxiety and sadness.

Why do some people see numbers in dreams?

Thank the Supreme Soul if you saw this number and affirm with a firm yes and accept the role that you have played in many lifetimes!

By Namta Gupta