Breaking statue dream meaning: Warning! Grounding is necessary!

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Breaking statue dream, or attacking a statue in a dream is a fairly common dream. Many times men and women have seen such a dream in which they have attacked statues of beautiful figurines and sometimes of holy figures.

So what does breaking statue dream actually imply?

This dream is actually a warning to work on the aspects/values that the statue represents.

If in the breaking statue dream, one saw a statue of a Deity or Goddess, then it means that the primary nature/power of this deity is lacking in the person.

If in the breaking statue dream, one saw destroying or attacking own statue then it means that the person lacks the grounding to sustain happiness, money, or good moral values.

If in the breaking statue dream one attacks the statue of Goddess of Wealth, then it technically means the destruction of the ability to sustain happiness and money in general.

This dream is common among the Sadhaks or those on the path of deeper spiritual awakening who would soon attain greatness and advises them to not forget that they cannot do anything without the blessings of the Supreme Soul and require grounding exercises from time to time or else their energy may get splattered on unnecessary things or causes or turn destructive.

Please keep in mind that your mind must not be replaying only images of your waking life while trying to understand the dream.

In this stage, the Sadhak needs blessings, love, and care from everyone including his own soul, and also of the energy that is represented by the statue that was destroyed.

So bow down and ask for help and help will come.

Many times the dreamer would find that the statues would be in a meditative state or sort of alive. It is because during our sleep our subconscious is able to extract energies and messages from the 5th dimension.

Breaking statue dream is usually sent to just two types of people:

  • Those who are undergoing Kundalini Jagran or Spiritual Awakening
  • Those who are being helped/assisted by the Supreme Soul and co-creating their destiny with the most abundant energy that exists in all spheres and all dimensions

Fear not either of this dream or anything else. Remember it is the purity and nobleness of heart and soul which matters and this was a warning message sent to you so that adequate steps can be taken to protect one’s energy and the bond one shares with the Supreme Soul.

Steps for grounding:

  • Go inwards, be creative, dance, write, sing and enjoy.
  • Bend your back in Chakrasana at least 1 time each week hence.
  • Eat almonds, green leafy vegetables, and keep clean, drink plenty of water.
  • Walk around, skip, cycle, touch, and care for plants, trees and hug them.
  • Seek blessings of Bhoo Devi by touching soil from time to time.

A statue represents creativity, love, concentration, innocence, and art, and all these are gifts are granted to special people of the Supreme Soul.

The one who destroys and doesn’t respect them would forever find everything dirty, vain, and artificial, including deeper positive emotions like love.

This is because he/she has not been able to go inside and touch the fine sentiments like precision, dedication, refinement of mind, skill, and spirit, and even the drive to continue forward without grudges.

Have you been experiencing Ghost Water Drops or Phantom Water Drops?

It is due to this reason why seeing a breaking statue dream must be taken seriously especially those on the path of Spirituality.

By Namta Gupta