Butterfly dream meaning: Major changes, manifestations are knocking at your door

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A butterfly dream represents heart, mind, and soul in total harmony at a given stage of the spiritual awakening.  This harmony would bring a person peace of mind, solace to the soul, and love and passion to the heart.

Butterflies in dreams often arrive at crucial junctures when a person is waiting for a major change in his/her life or in career or in matters of love.  Butterflies are very much like snakes; they too are the carriers of knowledge, wisdom, and love of the Supreme Soul towards the dreamer.

Not only does the butterfly dream speak of the love, but also of the manifestations arriving earlier than expected when predominantly yellow, and orange colors of this insect are seen.

A butterfly of any shade or color sitting on a flower seeking out nectar represents the melody of life in the dream. The dreamer is enjoying the waking life or a successful career despite odds or challenges.

In the butterfly dream, if this insect, predominantly blue, is fluttering its wings in the wind but still flying steadily represents an honest soul which is fighting up to its utmost potential against a torrential event in his/her waking life.

Blue butterfly dream is also a sign of expansion in the energies of the throat and heart.  What must be spoken should be true and out of love. This is because blue butterfly leads to changes in the throat chakra energy and thus may lead to some cough built up or ear wax evacuation in the near future. Some pain in the side of the shoulders may also come but it would all resolve by itself.

It is important that the external stimuli or imagery was not merely replayed. If that is the case, then the dream means nothing.  

A butterfly laying eggs represents little joys that are approaching the dreamer.

If in the butterfly dream, this insect or insects are seen all caught up in a powerful net and yet fighting then it shows a choking event that has made the dreamer feel stifled or vulnerable or angry.

However, if the butterfly is seen escaping from this powerful net then it shows that despite looking fragile, the inner strength of the person is immense and that he/she can fight and even win against a mighty opponent.

An all-black butterfly is a sign of extreme passion leading a person’s way. This passion may seem overbearing and would lead to moments of extreme sensuality. A completely black butterfly also represents the power of mind and manifestation being pulled for the dreamer.

Pure black butterflies are also signs of supreme energy as black represents extreme power. Please note that this is among the rarest of signs and only one or two people see a butterfly similar to this in dreams at a given time. So if you saw a pure black butterfly dream, then do thank Lord Ganesha and accept this blessing with a prayer.

A predominantly violet butterfly represents hope, tranquility, and wisdom derived from the sacred arts and it also denotes that spirituality is entering a person’s sphere.

Black snake slithering dream: Your manifestation is being ‘created’

White butterfly dream represents contentment, the beauty of the heart and the body, and the soul free from anxieties.

White butterfly dream, seen in a lucid state often leads to the penultimate stage of the upcoming changes i.e. a message of love destined for a later time may appear sooner.

A white butterfly dream is rare especially when it has a hint of no other color.  Thus it is often a sign of higher power I have learned to call the Supreme Soul. Take a moment as the mighty power (or the Brahm as we call this power in Hindi) has used one of its purest signs to connect with the dreamer.

A transparent butterfly dream is the sign of deeper cleansing which is going on or will go on inside the dreamer. The old tissues, muscles, and even bones get revitalized so as to prepare the person for the fifth stage of spiritual awakening. During this phase, some pain in the abdomen, pain, and tingling in and around the sacral chakra region, some pain in between the brows, or head may happen due to a higher frequency of newer energy and information downloads that the dreamer is undergoing.  This happens with everyone as the body needs to push its limits so that it could be the perfect vessel for sustaining the new energies. However, taking a doctor’s advice is necessary at all stages.

Transparent butterflies in the dreams represent the supreme consciousness of the Supreme Soul, and thus, is a great sign of oneness with the dreamer.

By Namta Gupta