Cowry dream meaning: Happiness, abundance, and beauty enter your life

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Cowry dream brings peace and balance inside a dreamer especially if received from a higher divine power like Goddess Mahalakshmi.

A cowry dream also represents good luck and opulence which is present in the dreamer’s life.

For those who do not know, cowry is often used by Hindu households to protect infants and toddlers from negative energies.

Keeping cowries is considered supremely lucky and finding, receiving, or being gifted cowries means the entry of good luck in the life of the dreamer. So much so that several Hindus keep cowries in their altars and Temples as well.

So those who saw cowry dream and saw the item being gifted or granted, for you it means that the Supreme Power sees you as someone who is a worthy possessor of good luck.

Cowry being granted higher Satvik power or even the Dev-Devi Guide also represents luck in pregnancy and also is a sign of general happiness. Cowry dream also often leads to material abundance blossoming in a jiffy.

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After the cowry dream, one may lose or gain a significant amount of weight as beauty blossoms and the receiver becomes attractive by the day.

The aura of the person may also change to light golden or lighter purple after receiving the cowry dream. Post the aura change, it is up to a person’s own karma as to how he/she proceeds.

By Namta Gupta