Shri Yantra dream meaning: Supreme Soul hears you, abundance is coming

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Shri Yantra dream is sent to individuals who have met all the expectations of the Supreme Soul with regards to Karma, Dharma, and Meditation.

This dreamer has the power to call on the Supreme Soul and the almighty to hear his/her thoughts. As a result of this dreamer’s astute character and spiritual growth, this person may see himself/herself receive Shri Yantra in a dream.

The receiver of the Shri Yantra is a high-vibrational individual who has the power to directly reach the Supreme Power. This person may have seen numbers 4444, 000, and 0000 in the dream state as well. To know more about such an individual, I recommend reading the links I provided. Shri Yantra helps bring prosperity and abundance of all that is needed to live a happy and content life.

Thus seen receiving Shri Yantra in the dream either by a known or an unknown person or by a high-vibrational Satvik energy like Mother Goddess Mahalakshmi means that a large sum of money, gifts, and fame is heading the person’s way. Once the person sees this dream, he/she must remember to thank the Supreme Soul and ask for continued guidance and blessings in each and every life cycle.

Cowry dream meaning: Happiness, abundance, and beauty enter your life

If, however, the Shri Yantra appears damaged or broken, then seek the help of assisting Devi, Devtas, or Guides and ask for a remedy. Some donations towards cows, dogs, crows, and other life forms are advised in such a scenario.

Feeding these sentient beings, taking care of mature trees like Peepal or Banyan and mature plants like Tulsi is advised.

By Namta Gupta