Number 4444 meaning: Time to reap what you sowed!

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Number 4444 means that life is taking a spiritual turn, despite it being under the guise of material abundance.

It also means that in the upcoming days, money would ‘literally’ flow into the life of the person from all directions as was requested by him/her.

Number 4444 is the sign of supreme abundance wrapped in spiritual powers that have become heightened due to Divine Supreme’s blessings.

These blessings include but are not restricted to clairvoyance, clairaudience, prophecies, ability to see and even change past and the future and hobnobbing with powerful entities human and non-human, who would work as well as teach the individual deep and sacred subjects.

This person may have also seen Tulsi or Holy Basil in a flower pot in the dream and may have seen owl dream recently (please make it a point to read both).

Number 4444 means, as I had mentioned, the full flow of money, riches of different hues, and general abundance.

It also means that the person will win many admirers through work of the spiritual kind.

However, this may also mean being ready for psychic attacks. These psychic attacks would come but would also go away as no one can defeat the one who is so highly protected.

During the appearance of Number 4444 be also on the lookout for Number 81 (I recommend reading about 81) as a warning as well as information.

Number 4444 also represents the male and the female energies joining forces as equals to protect the divine child who has seen this number in the dream and they would keep the person safe at all costs.

Lotus seed dream meaning: Spiritual awakening and many changes are coming

Those who see this number in a dream are lucky and blessed as this number is sent to the rarest of the rare. Hardly one in a billion ever see this number in the dream state, and for that too, they have to earn with blood, sweat, and tears.

Snake eating another snake dream: A new ‘you’ is being created!

I only have this as advice:

Never fear on the path of spirituality, because help is always there for those whose heart and soul beat on the tune of Dharma.

By Namta Gupta