Lotus seed dream meaning: Spiritual awakening and many changes are coming

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Lotus seed dream especially when the person is on the path of spiritual awakening means that he/she is doing everything in a perfect way.

In Hinduism, we refer to the lotus seed as the Kamal Gatta or कमल गट्टा and use it in the worship of Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Siddhidatri.

Receiving lotus seed in a dream leads to imbibing and absorbing the energy of the great Mother through meditation, care, and strength of pure belief and devotion.

Lotus seed dream also leads to the expansion of Sahasrara Chakra or the Crown Chakra and also the Ajna or the Third Eye.

It is a unique gift that is often given to great souls who have impeccable self-control over their anger.

These people are very much like the ocean but they may also know that bringing Tsunami is not part of their calling.

Lotus seed dream also brings abundance in peace, mental clarity, happiness in general, and also leads to spiritual unions with higher-level beings who may still possess the consciousness of Dharma.

Lotus seed dream also means getting closer to a union if seeking a life partner, a child if seeking one, and also abundance in wealth, health, beauty, and fame.

This seed is like the seed of destiny itself and receiving it from a Satvik (most just and pure higher-level energy) is literally everything.

I see great things, successful Dharmik as well as material pursuits, from the person who saw the lotus seed dream. In material pursuits and happiness, a lotus seed dream is equivalent to the Satiya or the Swastika dream which I do recommend reading.

Also, after the lotus seed dream, massive changes in the constitution of the receiver’s body can be expected as the Kundalini energy will become more and more pronounced.

Hence, expect a serious awakening of the top two Chakras along with finally opening up to the true potential of the soul. All I can say is that it will be an adventure worth waiting for if you saw the lotus seed dream.

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Please note, that the lotus dream also brings monetary windfall, a complete overhaul in health, beauty, and also leads one on a fast track to the Devi-Devta stage, which technically is just a few births away from becoming one with the Supreme Consciousness.

Isn’t that something worth waiting for?

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By Namta Gupta