Owl dream meaning: Time to fulfill destiny, meet the Twin Flame

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Owl dream is sent to marked individuals mostly in the lucid state so as to tell them that this is how wise you are; when the world sleeps, the owl is awake hunting, when it is dark, the owl sees and absorbs everything.

However, the person who sees the owl dream must learn to rest and let the soul rejuvenate so that higher learning can be passed on to the person.

Also, a person who sees two owls exactly alike, as if mirroring each other, or like a reflection in the mirror then be sure that it is a sure shot sign of the coveted Twin Flame. This person and his/her Twin will have to undergo the same pangs, the same pain, and the same learning.

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This is to bring the Twin Flames together minus any dramas as both realize that they are each other’s half like Lord Ram and Mother Sita, Lord Shiva or Mother Parwati, or Lord Brahma or Mother Saraswati.

In Hinduism, only a wife or a husband is considered each other’s half and together they become one.

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In the Owl dream, when the birds seem to be mirroring each other, it is important to note that caution is also one of the messages. Mirroring owl dream is sent to the individual to tell her/him that enough time has been wasted and now is the time to come out, embrace each other, and fulfill the destiny.

There are other types of owl dreams as well; a single owl perched atop a tree is the sign of higher wisdom while a parliament represents complete and able discussions and advice available to a person from superior soulmates.

An owl drinking water in the dream means lack of adequate means to replenish wisdom like meditation, or the traditional Hindu Yoga (Suryanamaskar done with the mantras).

A bunch of owls staring at the dreamer represents the Assisting Devi Devta or Guides watching out for the person.

By Namta Gupta